Monday, 8 July 2013

Latest and Interesting Updates From Facebook!

If you still unaware of the latest updates from Facebook, then you must read this blog, FB has made few very interesting changes in the last few weeks, which you should check out. 

Before it was Orkut, now the time has come to say bye bye to twitter as Facebook adopted clickable hashtags. Just like other social networking sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram, FB also allows its users to use hashtags (#) in their posts, which are trend checkers too! Critics are completely against this and many are teasing weather to call FB as Twitbook or Facetter!

 You might have seen that, now we can comment with the pic. There will be tiny image of a camera on comment box. This update helps you to attach the photos to your comment, cool isn’t it?

This very interesting update from FB, which I personally love a lot! Now you can tell all your FB friends, how you are feeling,

what are you watching, which book are you reading, which music are you listening, drinking,
eating, you can even update that too! Great job FB!  

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