Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Easy Ways To Do Effective Search On Google- Part 2

In my previous post Easy Ways To Do Effective Search On Google!!! gave few easy steps to search on Google and this is the continuation of that blog post. 

 Easy way to do calculation on Google is, just type whatever you want to calculate and get instant result.  

Example: 950*250-300

  • Sunrise-Sunset

You can know the sunrise and sunset time of any city only by typing ‘sunset/sunrise’ and the ‘city’ name.
Example: sunset mangalore

To know the population, GDP or any statistics of any country, just type as the example is given below.
Example: population growth rate india

  • Searching Websites


You can search the websites in very easy way, type ‘site’ command and name of that ‘website’.
Example: site:sapplugin.com

You to know the latest updates about your favorite topics, stars, subject, and celebrity you can keep Google alerts. So, that you can get time to time and latest updates of your favorite topic.  

I guess now you easily understood how to do effective search on Google :-) 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Easy Ways To Do Effective Search On Google!!!

As we all know Google is the leading, number one search engine in the entire universe. So, its become crucial to know the proper way to search on Google. Because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), searching on Google is not that effective as it used to be before. So, one must to know how to do the effective search on Google.

Today, I am giving the simple tips to do effective search on Google. Hope these tips will help you to get the exact search result.

To know the value of the currency of any country in Indian rupees just type, ‘country currency’ and type ‘to India’
Example: dollars to rupees

If you want to convert the miles into kilometer, just type ‘miles to kilometer’ on Google.

  • Know Time

To know the time of any country, just type ‘time’ and that ‘country name’.
Example: time India

  • Know Weather

If you want to know the weather of any city, just type ‘weather’ and that ‘city name’.
Example: weather Bangalore

If you want to know the meaning of any word just type ‘define’ and that ‘word’ and you will get the definition, meaning, and synonyms of that word.
Example: define love

These still many ways to do the effective searching, keep visiting my blog for next blog post. Many easy ways to do effective searching on Google is on the way!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

How Facebook Became Number One Social Networking Site!!!

As we all know in this digital era, every person is having facebook account. That is the reason it has became the number one social networking site. But, did you ever think, why it has become number one? If thought, did u get the answer? If not, let me give you the clear picture. This is all because of facebook employees.

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg is ready to give anything to his employees only to increase the productivity and the creativity of facebook.

So, today let me tell you about the facilities of facebook employee.

Yes, Mark call for a meet every week, only to listen to his employee’s ideas, problems and can update FB frequently.

All facebook employees interact with each other with internal facebook groups, they have separate groups, where they can share, interact and can develop ideas. 

Every year Mark arranges the wonderful party for his co-workers, where they can even get the valuable gifts. 

You will be wonder to know that, the average salary of a new employee in facebook  gets from 67 thousand dollars! Just calculate about the senior’s salary!

Facebook employees can can consult the doctor in office only, as there are specialist doctors in facebook office!

Most importantly Mark gives you the full freedom to his employees to enjoy the work, one can get free food 24*7, special rest rooms, hi-fi facilities, additionally whatever his employees want can do it in the office. Great isn’t it?!

I guess, finally you understood now, why facebook is the number one social networking site.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Check how Facebook Has Changed Its Timeline from 2004 to 2013!!

Love facebook? Wanna know how it changed its look from 2004 to 2013? Then you have come to the perfect blog. Here is the collection of facebook timeline from 2005 to 2013. Hope you like it. Facebook has changed tremendously. 

Facebook Timeline 2007:

Facebook Timeline 2008:

 Facebook Timeline 2009:

Facebook Timeline 2010:

Facebook Timeline 2012:

Facebook Timeline 2013: