Saturday, 29 June 2013

Top 5 Social Media Metrics

In this digital era all are interconnected with social networking sites, now consumer is courageously giving his views about the product and services online. What could be the best way to reach them rather than social networking sites? Facebook likes, tweets, YouTube videos, blogs, pins and countless other web applications are encouraging, influencing the people to purchase a product all across the globe. Social networking sites have become powerful weapons for marketers to reach their end users, and to have direct conversation to know what exactly they want from your company. That’s why, it’s very important to look at your social media metrics. The top 5 social media metrics are given below. 

1.      Social Media Engagement – Creating engagement of your fans on your social networking profile is one of the most difficult tasks. 

One should always check are conversations happening with your brand, when you post something new?  Are fans liking, sharing or commenting on your facebook business page? The engagement on your FB page will give you the Edgerank score. Are any users are pinning your images, or retweeting your tweets? There are many ways to look at your fans engagement depending on the social outposts. But it’s important that people should see your message and interact with your brand, not with any other topic.  

2.      Social Media Reach – 
One must also check that weather the size of audience is seeing your updates, are they interacting or not? What is your weekly reach?  Is this audience growing or decreasing and at what rate?  These are main questions to consider, when looking at your total social reach. Think of these questions as the number of potential people that have potential to see your updates.

 You should regularly check where the people are coming to your website or to your social networking sites from. This will help you to drive more sustainable and repeat traffic to your website. You can take the help of Google Analytics to see specifically where the traffic is coming from.

 It is basically a measure of how much you are mentioned your brand compared with your competitors. Make sure that you are participating in all of the relevant conversations for your brand regardless of where they occur, but most importantly wherever your key customers are.

 There are many different influence startups like Klout, PeerIndex, andKred, where you can check your influence on social networking sites. It is very important metric to monitor because if people are talking about your brand may help you to get large followings. 

These are the top 5 social media metrics to check and improve how your brand is participating in social networking sites.

Monday, 24 June 2013

Quick Ways to Increase Facebook Page Fans

In this digital era Facebook is the most happening social networking site in the world. Moreover, Facebook recently got one billion users, which is jaw dropping fact. As we all know there is no other social networking site to give neck-to-neck competition to Facebook right now. So, what could be the best way to promote your business rather than having a fan page in Facebook? 

Simply having a Facebook page and if there is no engagement between you and your fans, it doesn’t make any sense, in addition it may decrease your EdgeRank score. We are not telling if you have ten thousand likes on your FB page and it may help you to get number of business leads, but having more fans on your page creates trust on your company. In addition, we know that trust cannot be created in one night! The first impression of client after seeing your Facebook page creates trust on you, on your company, if you have more likes. So, it’s very much important to increase your fans on Facebook.

·         You can take your friends help, by telling them to like your page. But you may not get more than two to three hundred likes.

·         Go to highest likes page, write a creative comment and drop your fan page link in that comment. It may help you to get minimum thousand likes.

·         Embedding a Facebook fan box on your website/blog is an interesting idea and definitely the first thing to do. This will increase the number of fans to your page. This is just an app of Facebook and you can easily get its code from your Facebook account, and then all you have to do is insert it in your Website/Blog.

·         Using Facebook ads is also a good idea to get more fans as it only targets the people who are interested in your services. There are highest chances that the person who views your ad will also become a fan. But always remember that try to make an ad that is attractive, eye catching and which will capture the attention of the viewers.

·         Tagging updates in your page is the simplest way to get new likes. Just tag your Fan page whenever you are updating your Fan Page’s status or adding a description.

·         What is the best way to get ten thousand like within one week? Contest!

 Yes. Conducting Facebook contest may help you to get flood of likes to your page.  We will explain you how to run a fair, ethical, fun loving, hitting more likes to your page contest in our next blog post. Till than try all above mentioned tips and comment below what all the results you got.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Aircel Blog Up Meet In Bangalore

On Friday evening I went to attend Banagalore’s first ever   #AircelBlogUp meet at The Biere Club Bangalore. As I am the regular user of Aircel internet packages, I was very much interested to know about the special offers. I met few more blogger friends of mine at the biere club. 

Mr. Hamir Bhakshi, Khadiravan spoke about the special offers in Bangalore. Aircel has launched some very interesting offers in Karnataka. One can get free 3G data service during 6-9 am at for free and pocket internet offers at very affordable cost. That is why it has been the most opted telecom provider in Karnataka region. 

They even told about the Aircel’s unique contest for youth - ‘Dad I’m in an Ad’. You want to get featured in Aircel Ad? Then upload ur pic on Aircel's FB page, get atleast 10 likes, winners will get a chance to feature in Aircel’s ad and other giveaways too. 

After that, they even cleared the queries of the Bloggers at the meet.
Here are the few pics at the meet.