Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Wow! Facebook Emoticons Update!!!

Hello Everyone, 

Did you notice the latest Facebook update? Now, its emoticons update. Facebook never fasils to surprise us. FB has introduced the Meep, Pusheen, Emoticons and the Sticker Store. 

The new Meep stickers are just like the emoticons, but in larger sizes. It looks like as if you are chatting from iPhone!

These stickers are totally different from other emoticons. These consist of different but very interesting cat cartoons emoticons.

There is no difference in emoticons; they are as usual standard smilies that are used in FB chat.  

This is the major update in FB Chat. In this Sticker Store section, you can select the different types of additional stickers provided by FB to send to our FB friends. There are many sticker options like Despicable Me 2, Beast, First Mate, Happy-Go-Lucky, Prickly Pear, Banana, Wide Eyes, Skullington, Pusheen, Bun, Hatch, Napoli, Meep, Tigerbell and Mango. There are for free with the preview option.  Wonderful update isn’t it?!

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