Friday, 23 August 2013

Seema, seems to be My Soul Sister!!!

She is not my childhood friend, she is not my classmate. Neither she is my neighbor, nor she belongs to same home town. We met as strangers, became friends and by the grace of god worked for state news channel in Karnataka together. We shared our rooms, we shared our dreams.

 Mehandi Designed by Seema ( She designed same for both of us )

Seema, yes, she is my friend, roommate and my soul sister. I thank Women’s Web for running a contest like ‘Soul Sister'. Thank you so much. Because you I got the wonderful opportunity to say thanks to my soul sister Seema. 

 Seema and her Husband

Seema has always played an important role in improving my personality.  I am very reserved and shy kind of person and she is exactly opposite to me. I am tom boy kind and she has girly nature. We met in our media training centre in Gokak, at that time we were not so close, just hi-bye kind. Luckily we got selected for a SAMAYA NEWS Channel in Bangalore. 

At that time we both were very new to Bangalore and even scared to be alone. We shared our room, dresses, ideas and dreams. Thanks to Seema for being such a sweetheart to me. She is always there for me. Recently, she has got married, May god bless the couple.

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